The first 3 pictures I’ve drawn with my new cintiq:
The first picture: I was really happy to have a brand new shiny cintiq, so the first thing I did was draw a big smiley face. 🙂
The second picture: I was really tired, so I drew a sleepy figure. This has been me in half of my lectures this past week. xD
The third picture: A stylised self-portrait! I feel like it’s about time I moved away from the Hatsuharu display picture I’ve used for years and instead have something I drew myself. This one looks pretty good for a quick sketch right? 😀

I wanted to leave that last picture up for a decent amount of time so people could see it. I guess it’s been long enough now though. 🙂 Time for some fresh material! I may have no time to be drawing these days but that’s not gonna stop me! xD
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some much-needed sleep to catch. >.<;; Good night all! [EDIT] PS. I'm going away on church camp this weekend so I'll be offline. Enjoy yourselves and get outside a bit while you can. 🙂