Heh, this picture turned out pretty close to what I had imagined, except that originally it was supposed to be a victorious pose not a punch. xD Yay for creative liberties haha.
Unfortunately I didn’t quite get the angle right and so his hand, which was supposed to get bigger coming towards the camera, just looks too big. xD
It actually seems like I cheated a bit, but maybe this is a new technique: if I hatch in one direction, which is the simplest way to hatch, it means that if I put shadows in by hatching a different direction it automatically looks like cross-hatching haha. 😀 This is also one of the first times I’ve put the indication of teeth into a picture. o.o I think it looks ok… How could I improve it? 🙂

These days in my spare time I’ve been watching more Sword Art Online. It actually has quite a few themes/ideas that I’ve thought about myself before; possibly because I’ve spent too long playing video games and watching anime in the past. xD But it has been pretty cool to see someone else’s conclusions on some of the philosophical issues, in particular blurring the distinction between the digital world and the “real” one. It’s quite interesting really (well, for me at least) because ultimately everything digital is real, in that it exists and people experience it. Even right now you’re reading something which I, who is definitely real, am thinking and writing.
Well, even if that doesn’t make sense to you, at least I’m enjoying this anime. ^^; I might check out the books when I’m done, if they exist in English (and if they’re not!! Grrr time to open up my Japanese Anki deck again and go nuts… if I had the time xD ).

Work has also been going well. Even though for the moment I’m volunteering to get my work hours up, I’ve actually been offered a paid position for part-time work during the year! 🙂 That is, if my university work load allows. =S I don’t know how intense it will be but I’m gonna try my best!

I think I’ve found some new chill music to listen to while working/drawing too. 😀 Check out these albums. I’m tossing up whether or not I want to buy one/all of these haha.