It’s exam time now, so I haven’t had much drawing time recently. =x All of my exams are in the first two weeks of the exam break, which means they’re closer together than I would like and I have to spend my time more wisely and study while I can. >.< The good news is that I’ll be completely free from school work after next Saturday (that’s right, in one week’s time!) so I have a longer holiday to draw in to compensate. 🙂

I just had my second exam today, and even though I’m tired I figured I could sketch something out and see what it turned out as. It’s a pretty random picture but for an hour’s work is isn’t too bad (especially because it wasn’t planned xD ) though some of it is a little sloppy and awkward looking… I guess with this video you all can see how I draw when I’m not too focused. ^^;

Oh I almost forgot, some will be interested to know that I now finally have Starcraft 2. My brother and I went to see the New Zealand SC2 national finals (yes it does exist) last weekend. For one of the prize give-aways he was the first person in the crowd to correctly answer this question: What was the cheat code in Starcraft 1 that would play an Easter egg zerg song? He won a collectors edition box of SC2, and since he already owns the game I get his old account so we can play together. 😀

I think that’s it from me for now. I hope your exams are all going well. 🙂
Study hard and never give up!